B3nchmarq – ASPEN (EP)

ASPEN-EP B3nchmarq - ASPEN (EP)B3nchmarq Releases his new EP titled ASPEN

Just when you thought you had an idea of what sound B3nchMarQ is churning out, they drop an EP with some wavy new grooves added to their repertoire gearing you up for the album. Giving us all new music barring Camera Shy which we’ve heard as a loose drop a few weeks back, PJay and Tkay let us into their train of thoughts on ASPENwhich is more of a state of mind than it is an actual place.

The 8 track EP runs smoothly from track 1 to 8 with the sonics tied in very well. There’s nothing like a flowing body of work from beginning to end and with every slight change in sound, the transition is done seamlessly. The EP sounds more like the fellas making music in a dream state which fits the title of the EP perfectly. The music is so laid back with predominantly airy production by IceMan Beatz whom I think is genius for maintaining a certain level of feeling on this project. You can tell that B3nchMarQ took more time to pay attention to detail with ASPEN despite the amount of new (and rough) music they’ve been throwing out to the streets for the past few months. The top half of the EP although still laid back is much more punchier than the bottom half. The EP literally sounds like the different stages of a jet session (if you catch my drift). They come in on Buzz LightYear, Unapologetic, Perfect and Camera Shy with the more stronger feelings and delivery compared to the slow flossing on Super Hero and Show Me. By the time they get to the title track Aspen they reiterate the fundamental state of the project. They’re in the sky by this piece. Odd enough, by the end of the EP on Safe Landing I picture their high fading as they come back down to earth acknowledging the rough year they’ve had so far. You hear Tkay’s audio diary in the back shouting out everybody behind the music while PJay also ad-libs similar sentiments in reflection. A neat ending to the EP.

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The sound quality is on smash and that makes me happy for the album that’s to come. I love how the boys can go all rap, but equally sing so well if they choose to. They are definitely in a good space musically and that’s all that counts most.

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Watch the Teaser Wayase music video:

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Listen & Download ASPEN EP Below:

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