Makhumalo Reveals Secret about Being in a Polygamous Relationship

Makhumalo-pOLY Makhumalo Reveals Secret about Being in a Polygamous RelationshipPolygamous Relationship has been her Lifestyle

Mzansi Magic’s #UthandoNesthembu is one of our new favourite shows, the show zones in on the real life of a polygamist man and his wives. In the first season of the hit show, we watched the Mseleku’s ups and downs and the nation fell in love with how authentic they all were.

In a recent interview with Bona, Musa Mseleku’s third wife opened up about how difficult it was marrying a polygamous man. She said that he had to fight for her in the beginning and that it was his loving nature that won her over, “What attracted me to Musa and encouraged me to marry him was his honesty and respect while courting me.”

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She then went on to say that Musa was honest about being a polygamist from the beginning.

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