Man Beheads Woman, eats her Flesh

Cannabalism-MAN Man Beheads Woman, eats her FleshThe Eastern Cape has been rocked by yet another alleged incident of cannibalism.

This time, the community of KwaBhaca, formerly Mount Frere, is in shock after a man allegedly kidnapped, killed and ate the flesh believed to be that of a woman he abducted earlier on Saturday. This is the second incident this year relating to cannibalism.

It follows a gruesome incident earlier in the year in Port St Johns, when a man slaughtered, like a sacrificial lamb, his five-year-old nephew, ate his heart and brains and drank his blood. The uncle was arrested.

The KwaBhaca family of the youth accused of allegedly slitting the woman’s throat and eating her flesh are distraught.

The mother of the 23-year-old was in tears when the Jozimusic visited her home yesterday.

“I am not in a good space to talk to the media and I am so devastated,” she said with tears rolling down her cheeks.

The neighbours spoken to said the victim was doing odd jobs and was in the youth’s yard washing and cleaning at the time.

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“There is no truth that the man kidnapped the victim. The victim was working here.

“ She was not kidnapped but was killed here in the yard,” said one of the tenants, who wanted to remain anonymous.

His claim that the victim had not been kidnapped was confirmed by five other people, who also did not want to be named.

The Dispatch could see bloodstains in the yard.

The woman, who police said was about 30, was from nearby Mpunzana village.

She was killed in broad daylight and residents, including the suspect’s mother, looked on in dismay as the man allegedly beheaded her and ate her flesh.

Local police said it was one of the most bizarre cases they had ever dealt with. Police spokeswoman Captain Edith Mjoko said the police were informed of the alleged murder and cannibalism act by the shocked mother.

“When the mother of the youth saw what was happening, she rushed and called police.

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“When we arrived, he was busy eating the flesh of the deceased woman,” said Mjoko.

“Police ordered him to stop and hand himself over. He ignored them and instead went berserk and charged at them with the knife he was using.

“Several warning shots were fired to deter him but he continued charging forward. He was then shot and taken to hospital where he is now under police guard,” said Mjolo.

Mjolo said a case of murder was being investigated, while the Independent Police Investigate Directorate has also been informed of the shooting incident.

“He appears to be suffering from some kind of abnormality,” Mjoko said of the suspect. —

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