MaNtuli Recently Dares NPA to Charge her with Poisoning

MaNtuli-Recently-Dares-NPA MaNtuli Recently Dares NPA to Charge her with PoisoningAccording to reports, MaNtuli has Insisted on going to court because there have been no Improvements in her Case

President Jacob Zuma’s wife, Nompumelelo Ntuli Zuma, accused of poisoning him, said the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) should charge her or leave her alone.

MaNtuli has been at the centre of the allegations since 2015.

The Sunday Times reported last year she had been identified by the NPA as the chief suspect and that Advocate Torie Pretorius had been assigned to the case.

TimesLive reports that MaNtuli is considering going to court, as there have been no developments in the case.

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“My client is frustrated about the delay in the investigation, and she was considering her options pertaining to approaching the High Court of South Africa for a declaratory order directing the NPA to make a decision on whether they are proceeding with a prosecution or not,” her lawyer, Ulrich Roux, said.

Last week Zuma told an ANC gathering in KwaZulu Natal he was poisoned by “witches” after the country joined the Brics bloc under his leadership.

“I was poisoned by witches who were trying to finish me off in broad daylight. If I didn’t have friends overseas, today you would be saying there was a man from Nkandla, but he died,” he said.

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The NPA has confirmed the head of Priority Crimes Litigation Unit had received MaNtuli’s docket.

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