Rihanna Went Braless At Event, Now Internet Goes Crazy And Cameraman Can’t Focus

rihanna-hot Rihanna Went Braless At Event, Now Internet Goes Crazy And Cameraman Can’t FocusRihanna shuts down an Even as she went Braless and everybody couldn’t focus

All eyes were on Rihanna as she made rounds yesterday to promote her Fenty Beauty line. Her lip gloss was poppin’, her foundation was on fleek, but so were her two little Fentys! At the age of Rihanna’s got the perfect ta-tas, and everyone clearly saw them as she went braless.

Fun Bags Were Poppin’ Rihanna was dressed in yellow and went braless to showcase those beautiful, ripe banana-like womanly fun bags. Never afraid to showcase her body and beauty, Rihanna didn’t miss a beat as she spoke passionately about her 40 shades of foundation. The foundation comes in a spectrum of 40 shades that attempt to solve a persistent dilemma by paying heavy attention to darker skin tones. Here’s Rihanna talking about the importance of simple variety, via Refinery 29’s beauty director.

“I wanted things that I love. Then I also wanted things that girls of all skin tones could fall in love with,” Rihanna said at the launch. “That was really important for me. In every product I was like: ‘There needs to be something for a dark-skinned girl; there needs to be something for a really pale girl; there needs to be something in-between.”

According to MirrorUK, Rihanna fielded questions from fans in which she explained she loved to show off her breasts. She was asked: “You’ve had so many iconic fashion moments and take so many risks. The iconic CFDA Awards Adam Selman dress in 2014—what gave you the courage to take that risk that was so perfect and elegant yet daring?” And Rihanna answered: “Dear Laverne, I took advantage of my titties before they go south. I saw my window, and I took it.” Camera Can’t Focus The cameraman or woman must have also noticed that Rihanna’s ta-tas were sitting just right as the sloped perfectly in her shirt.

Check out what happened on Twitter when folks took notice of Rihanna’s succulent fun bags. Please do enjoy this wonderful of tweets celebrating Rihanna’s most beautiful achievement…lol!

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