Zimkhitha Kumbaca Believes It’s not Easy To Make It In The Entertainment Industry If You Not Sexy

Zimkhitha-Kumbaca-SA Zimkhitha Kumbaca Believes It’s not Easy To Make It In The Entertainment Industry If You Not SexyZimkhitha Kumbaca Opens Up About How Difficult it is to Make It In The Entertainment Industry with Zero Sexiness

Actress and Singer Zimkhitha Kumbaca who most people knew from an award winning drama series Matatiele that aired on e-tv spoke of how the entertainment industry is mostly in favor of those with sexy looks.  Zimkhitha expressed all of this in an interview with Sowetan Live. Her stage name is ZimkithA SouL, she is currently working on releasing her first solo album The Blacklisted Woman which promises to be an experience of fired up afrofunk, hip-hop, electro beats and soul.

Back in 2010 the singer composed music for 4.48 Psychosis, a stage play that showcased at the National Arts Festival’s Fringe programme. She also co-wrote, composed music and directed for a theatre production called Trapped.On top of all that she is the actress that won the hearts of many South Africans when she played a leading role in Matatiele. She released her first EP Many Colours of the Soul Back in 2015 which she said did well. “The EP did well, not in terms of numbers, but the fact that people took time to just listen to it, and that was satisfying,” she said.

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Her passion for acting is just the same as of singing, but with acting she hasn’t been so lucky. She expressed how she has attended so many auditions but wasn’t considered due to her looks, proving just how bias the industry can be. “I don’t know how many auditions I’ve gone to and was told I was not good enough for the role.I don’t have the small waist, perky butt, well rounded breasts and all that.In this industry, if you don’t tick off those boxes then you’re seen as fat. I feel we need to take our craft seriously, look beyond the hour glass and focus on talent,” she said.

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